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Fun Talk - For People
Toyota New86, Scion FRS, and Subaru BRZ Topics  '
Discussion and updates on Toyota FT86 Concept and related matters.
This will include Subaru side operations as well as Toyota.

8823787:13 PM 12/13/2012
by taroroot
Club4AG - FUN TALK  '

General discussions of Automotive Related Topics ONLY

News, etc...

Anything cars is fine but keep it nice please!

Absolutely no fighting, cussing, swearing, profane words, misconduct, stealing, insulting, ridiculing, nudity, shooting, violence, insulting mama, lying, mating, or anything your mom will slap you for.

Just Cars and everyone can see this.

5881777419:48 AM 9/5/2013
by ronny
Shop Cars (Featured Build-Up Logs) & Personal Buildup Logs  *

Build-Up logs and running features shop cars and personal logs of your own builds.

Please keep inqueries within the project's thread so topic order stays organized.

One Thread per car only please.

874272492:29 PM 9/19/2013
by wesuri
Drift Fans and Racing Addicts  '

Topics of driving techniques, racing scores, tips, and profiles.
Track Racing, Drifting, Rally, Gymkhana, etc.

Also Formula D event coverage news, D1 Grand Prix and others...

58769219:21 PM 12/27/2012
by Alabamaguy
DIY FORUM - THE "DO IT YOURSELF" Projects Free Talk  .

A general "Do IT YOURSELF" topic forums.
Share Ideas
Suggest things, glean ideas...
Post HOW-TO or ask about them as well!!

54157439:57 PM 12/23/2012
by BeBop86
Old Farts Talk - Nostalgia and things from long ago...  '

Stories of the past...long ago.
1980's and earlier car topics...
Remembering old thing, Old Friends...

7113316:34 AM 12/22/2012
by Zasarawa
Welcome Center for the New Club4AG Forums  '

Greetings and Introductions

1018356912:16 AM 12/25/2012
by mcloren


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