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Tech Talk - For Machines
General Technical Discussions  Technical Data, How To, Discussion on equipment, repairs and installations.
Please look in "Refrence" section of for information that may already be described in detail. Please do your part to keep this area organized by making appropriate entries in the Post titles.
59833934410:49 AM 12/31/2012
by Red
Cars - RWD - (AE86, TE, KP, RA, TA)  Rear Wheel Drive Compact Toyota, Data, Spec, Questions, Projects73705084410:25 AM 12/31/2012
by daveskatesallday
Cars - FWD (AE, EP, etc...)  Front Wheel Drive Toyota Specs, Data, Projects, Inquiries1652115119:04 PM 12/28/2012
by jondee86
Cars - MR2 (AW, SW, ZZW)  MR2 and Lotus Elise Related Topics, Projects, Tech, Specs, Data, Inquiries.19811686:36 AM 12/22/2012
by Zasarawa
Cars - Big Toyotas  Lexus All Models, Cressida, Supra - Specs, Data, Inquiries, Discussions 24519789:50 PM 12/2/2012
by jstzy
TOYOTA TRUCKS  18637:43 PM 12/28/2012
by KonaTrueno
Engine - 4A-GE 16V  Discussion on the "original" 4A-GE, TVIS and 8 port and Non-TVIS 4 port45643638112:17 PM 12/31/2012
by ga_goosh
Engine - 4A-GE 20V  Discussions on 5 Valves per Cylinder 4A-GE, Individual Throttles, and other newer 4A-GE technologies.4011286363:09 PM 12/30/2012
by Crownvicman289
Engine - 4A-GZE, and Supercharger/Turbocharger Projects  Supercharged 4A-GE and aftermarket turbo topics.19121563411:58 AM 12/31/2012
by kaos-boss
Engine - Other Toyota engines and off brand powerplants.  36830117:13 PM 12/30/2012
by DadsToyAe86
Parts - Accessories, Parts, Electronics, etc.  Discussions, Installs, Inquiries, Specs, Data122155841:25 PM 12/31/2012
by mattmoore44
Parts - Tires and Wheels  Discussions on Tires and Wheels, Fitments, Offsets, PCD, uses, Specifications921609512:31 PM 12/30/2012
by Eric'sFreeAE86
Developmental Studies  164153:47 PM 7/23/2012
by MichaelLae86
Paint, Body and Body Repairs.  Disucussions on painting, bodywork, and accident repairs.76548403:54 PM 12/27/2012
by johnh


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