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 7AGZE AE86 Coupe
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spanaway wa

 7AGZE AE86 Coupe Reply  Edit

So I actually started out this build over 3 years ago, but due to other circumstances(having a child, buying a house, buying a new DD) I have yet to finish it, but thats the point of a project car.

To those that want to knock my plans, I have chosen the 7A platform for the increased low end torque while the supercharger is disengaged. I chose an SC12 supercharger set-up because that was what was readily available and affordable. Additionally, for now, I have chosen to go with a W-58 transmission for the better gear ratios and better power handling potential and, for now, am going to stick with the stock 6.7" AE86 GTS rear end but fitted with a stock LSD and a 3.73 final drive for better highway mileage and longer gears.

The 7A block has been bored .020 over and the crank has been turned down. I will be using .020 oversized GZE pistons, though I haven't decided yet whether or not I will be using aftermarket rods just due to cost.

I am using a smallport GZE head with a modified front facing intake manifold. I will initially be fitting this head with stock blue top cams(240 deg in/ex) until i can afford to upgrade to 272 in/ex. I am also going to be starting out with 365cc GZE injectors and a Walbro fuel boost pump.

As for the rest of the car, it is a 1985 Corolla GTS Coupe. Interior is almost fully restored stock except for the crappy carpet and audio accessories. Suspension is handled currently by Ground Control front Coil-overs(6k), Megan rear springs(4.5k), and KYB AGX adjustable shocks front and rear. As for foot work, I am currently rocking vintage Appliance Sunrise 14x6 0 offset wheels on 185/60R14 Sunny tires. The car currently has 203k, while the blue top motor within has 303k and still runs like a champ. Stock(overweight) flywheel spins a TRD Stage 3 6-puck sprung-hub clutch pushing the stock T-50. Making all of the noise is a OBX header, test pipe, 2.25" piping to a can on the back(not what I want but what I could afford). More to come in the near future(I hope).

Also, just picked up some Ansen Mesh 14x6.5 wheels and center caps AND SSR Reverse Mesh 15x7 +14 front and 15x8 -6 rear wheels.

Modified by supraman10 at 9:27 PM 3/29/2012

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Riuty CA

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I really liked this information.




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Colorado Springs CO

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If you get a GZE pipe that fits the back of the water pump, the blower will stand up straight for you. Might I ask what a turbo manifold is doing on a GZE? Or did you forget a letter?


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 Re: (Crownvicman289) » Reply  Edit

A few concerns and insight...first your choice of the 7a block for the low end torque kind of cancels out the use if a supercharger which creates instant torque that falls off at higher rpm... You concept of turning the supercharger on later in the rpm range is not real efficient and u might as well scrape it and use that turbo manifold that way u take advantage of the low end gain from the 7a and the top end from the turbo...secondly your going to have a hell of a time plumbing this setup..your ping to have to fabricate a t/b to mate to that supercharger ... Then run the compressed air either thru an inter cooler system to cool it down and up into that small port intake or directly up into the intake from the supercharger below. First way u can use more boost from a bigger pulley second way you won't be able to go with more boost due to excessive heat and no cooling. Again it would be easier to slap a turbo on that manifold, plumb it to an inter cooler and up into the small port intake. Using the gze map setup you won't have any problems using the injectors or the dli ignition and its already made to support boost loads...anyhow think about your setup before u go any further as I already pointed out some things you have overlooked ...from the looks if your pictures looks like your attempting a twin charged 7agzte !

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