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 Dyno Tune: Any real gain with higher octane?
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 Dyno Tune: Any real gain with higher octane? Reply  Edit

Hello Forum,

I'm going to be up for my first dyno tuning session and have a few basic questions. First of all here is my setup so those reading can get an idea:

20v Silvertop Engine
Fully Rebuilt
Toda Cam Gears
Toda 304 cams
Supertech Valve Springs
Megasquirt ECU
EDIS Trigger/ MSD Ignition
Aeromotive FPR
ACT Stage 2 Clutch Kit
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
Cusco 2-way LSD

I am looking to tune the engine for daily driving with the airbox setup (modified T3 velocity stacks welded inside the plenum), reason being to maintain the overall stock look for obvious reasons while using the same method of air intake velocity with the stacks.

I have researched various dyno sessions where the engine is run on 91 as well as 92 on the dyno, and I am personally looking to tune the engine for daily driveability on 91 octane, while also pursuing a full performance tune utilizing 92, maybe 93 octane? Has anyone seen any real difference in performance using higher octanes? Care to post dyno sheets? It sounds simple enough, but with my setup I'd like to know if it's even beneficial.




8227 posts [89%]
Southern CA

 Re: Dyno Tune: Any real gain with higher octane? (karate_crimson) » Reply  Edit

Thought I should include the most recent (2010) dyno sheet of the engine. 156whp @8750 using 91 octane fuel. Has a 9200 rev limit on the tune. This was recorded in Miami Florida, which of course means a few variables ie. temperature, humidity, etc.



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 Re: Dyno Tune: Any real gain with higher octane? (karate_crimson) » Reply  Edit

octane ratings just correlate to pinging. the higher the octane the more resistance to pinging an engine will have. theres no power gain but using a lower then the spec octane can damage the engine due to over pinging. only thing thats really important is that if your compression is higher you need a higher octane to prevent pinging. so compression goes up octane goes up. higher octane doesn't mean its more volatile or will give you more power.

hope this was helpful

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