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 7age/9age 1900cc Group Buy!
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Natchez MS

 7age/9age 1900cc Group Buy! Reply  Edit


Just some info that I think ya'll might be interested in. At this link...

I "WAS" within minutes of ordering a Spool 1.9 kits until I found out their rod ratio was least than ideal, their's is 1.44 where the 7AFE stock ratio is 1.55. The target for the above kit. My understand is that below 1.5 is not good.

They also sell a modded crank timing gear what allows the keeping of the intake VVT pulley using a 16V timing 113 tooth belt with 4AGE oil pump and tensioner.

You will see that I am on the list and I didn't ask before I listed the link but just thought with all the threads about the 7AGE and above it was worth a post.

later wd

PS hope I haven't broken any rules by posting this? If so then I am sorry, just trying to help. I didn't ask the kit supplier before I posted but I will let him know about the post.

Modified by wrenchdad at 5:02 PM 9/3/2012

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Chattanooga TN

 Re: 7age/9age 1900cc Group Buy! (wrenchdad) » Reply  Edit

That works out to $2881.90 USD before shipping, for a custom spec billet crank, super rods and whatever pistons you could possibly want. Like just about everything else around here: if I only had the money......


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 Re: 7age/9age 1900cc Group Buy! (Eric'sFreeAE86) » Reply  Edit

These are the kits we are building.

With a rod/stroke ratio of 1.51:1

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