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 Blacktop 20V (6 Speed Manual) Misc Pinout Assistance
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Cleveland OH

 Blacktop 20V (6 Speed Manual) Misc Pinout Assistance Reply  Edit

Hey All,

I'm trying to determine the signal inputs/outputs for the following Blacktop 20V M/T ECU signals (Circled). The X's indicate a "Not Connected" terminal:

I tried searching around the interwebs for information regarding these pinouts but came out with nothing. This is entirely just to determine what these additional wires go to. I have a hunch they may have to do with the diagnosis connector, but i'm not too sure.

If anyone can shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.




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Natchez MS

 Re: Blacktop 20V (6 Speed Manual) Misc Pinout Assistance (Tofu4U) » Reply  Edit

Did you see this site?

It also appears that the pinouts on this site and your pic are reversed left to right.


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Perth West Aus

 Re: Blacktop 20V (6 Speed Manual) Misc Pinout Assistance (Tofu4U) » Reply  Edit


The answers are here:

Remember, though, that padandwheels shows the pin arrangement in the ECU wiring plugs, not the Ecu.




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Summerville SC

 Re: Blacktop 20V (6 Speed Manual) Misc Pinout Assistance (Tofu4U) » Reply  Edit

The pinout in the initial post is correct. All the pin positions that you have either circled, or with a line through them are not used. And, depending on your application, even some of the pin positions that you did NOT circle or have a line through are not used either.

The pinout shown is viewed as looking into the BACK of the ECU plugs (where the wires go into it) with the clip on top.

I basically have this pinout memorized I build so many of these harnesses haha

-Cam, Tweak'd Performance

-Cam, Tweak'd Performance


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Cleveland OH

  » Reply  Edit

wrenchdad and peterc529 -

I have gone through that entire MR2 project and compared it to my wiring harness, but he does not make note of the pins I have circled above.

SwapTech -

I was able to route which connector each circled 'unknown' goes to, but I cannot completely determine its actual function.

Since no one is actually documenting them, those specific pins must really be of no important use. It's just nice to have an idea of how each and every pin communicates in the ECU.

Oh trust me, I have also etched the entire pinout in my mind. You gotta be one with the ECU....ommmmmm LOL

Thanks everyone for your help! It's members like you that make this site so awesome!


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