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 Silvertop 20 RPM limiter
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Pelt Limburg

 Silvertop 20 RPM limiter Reply  Edit


I have an original silvertop 20v in my car with a close ratio TRD gearbox . My topspeed is not high enough with the gearbox . No i want to remove , or change the RPM limiter . Is that possible with an original ECU ?

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 Re: Silvertop 20 RPM limiter (VrolixD) » Reply  Edit


Try searching limiter for more answers, the search button is your best

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 Re: Silvertop 20 RPM limiter (VrolixD) » Reply  Edit

You might want to try changing your final gear to something lower for a higher dont want to go increasing your rev limit without the proper modifications to your engine to support higher revs or your top mph will be zero with a blown engine.


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 Re: Silvertop 20 RPM limiter (gaijin_rokurunner) » Reply  Edit

Yes, it is possible to change the rpm limit of the standard ecu! overclock the ecu by changing the crystal, this is an easy job to do but you will have to do some experimentation with the crystal. If you increase the Mhz of the crystal it will INCREASE the rpm limit BUT it retards timing across the range and leans the air/fuel mixture.

If you don't get too greedy with the crystal you put in, the air/fuel won't be too lean and an adjustable fuel pressure reg might get you back on the money. Adj the timing is easy as the 20v has a distributor just adj the base timing. The vvt point will be altered higher in the rpm range but if your engine has cams this may or may not be beneficial.

We have had a BT std ecu rev limiting at OVER 9000rpm, I wanted an easy way of adj air/fuel and cheap so got hold of a Powercommander to suit a 2009 CBR600RR(it has the same injector plugs as 20v) this allows adjustability of the air/fuel, adj timing and sweet as.

This method of over clocking can also be used on a 16v ecu if you are chasing more rpm if you engine has cams etc.


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