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 New Race Car
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houston tx

 New Race Car Reply  Edit

thought I'd go ahead and share the new shell.........

this car had been around for a while but just became mine officially last week going to try my hardest to have it finished for April and make a run at my dreams8-)

spent the weekend getting parts for this thing so we hit the road to kingsbury tx
finally found a rear end

took the car up to dallas

knocked some sound deadaning out of it

Dropped it off at Auto Comp Racecars in Ft. Worth for cage and suspension work

also got the engine for her

started cutting and cleaning

finished getting every last bit of sound deadaning out

chopped the front wheel wells out

along with the spare tire well

this is what she weighs in the current state should have the cage going in soon then its on to rear suspension design

also bought this thing to tow with



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cant wait to see this build. looks like its off to a great start!

WTB AE86 Best Motoring International Vol. 42. Pm if you have it!


125 posts [99%]
houston tx

 Re: New Race Car (nt66) » Reply  Edit

Season recap video my friends over at cinema toast threw together

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