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 Low idle when cold and high idle when hot
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full_lock 86


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Tacoma WA

 Low idle when cold and high idle when hot Reply  Edit

I've had my 20v running for some time and never really addressed the issue but now I wanna get to the bottom of this. On normal cars it should be the other way around and I'm wondering why mine is different.

Someone said my wires for my temp seńsor could be switched around? Possible?

Does your 20v have a cold start idle and warm up idle?

Any ideas would be appreciated

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 Re: Low idle when cold and high idle when hot (full_lock 86) » Reply  Edit

Sounds like you don't have a working ISCV. Low cold idle increasing as the engine
warms up is the sign of an engine that has a fixed idle air opening. Either ISCV stuck
closed, or no ISCV and throttles cracked open for idle air.

Cheers... jondee86

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