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 Site to buy motors?
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 Site to buy motors? Reply  Edit

I'm looking to buy a blacktop 20v for my ae86 and was wondering what sites you guys like to use the most for purchasing them? I've searched through a lot of the forum, but nothing very useful has popped up.
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 Re: Site to buy motors? (alavelle12) » Reply  Edit

Believe it or not, many of us have resorted to Ebay these days because of the fact that there arent many people importing these engines as much as they were back then.


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 Re: Site to buy motors? (Yosuke) » Reply  Edit

Quote, originally posted by Yosuke »
Believe it or not, many of us have resorted to Ebay these days because of the fact that there arent many people importing these engines as much as they were back then.

I just lurk eBay and find a SoCal based importer through them. If they have 1JZ swaps chances are they may have a 4AG collecting dust on a back shelf. Find a number and call them up, most of these places don't update their inventory. I've even found a few ads on craigslist. I've seen most BT go for 1200ish and ST for 800. 16v's are very rare being as how old they are now, it's cheaper to just buy one here in the US and rebuild.

I've bought a few 20v's for under $600. The good ol' days though.

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