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 300K SR5. She's a beaut though...
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Sierra Vista AZ

 300K SR5. She's a beaut though... Reply  Edit

She is clean, like damn clean. Fresh panda paint by a pro

This car has no clue what rust is.
All that was good in 2007 is there now as suspension goes.
Full interior

Here is my problem. This is "MY" car. I love it so. Problem is, I race. I've been in Miata's for maybe 8 years. This car is soft everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Besides a frame or a peri rollcage - what can I do? I'm not some kid with a pipe dream. I'm deep 40s with 75K a year. The reality is the car will be sold to a ***** drifter if I cannot figure this out. I want to continue my SCCA and NASA stuff. But,. the car is old and soft. 5-7 K will get a proper 3SGE swap. But making the body strong enough to make a suspension work - that is key...


nothing here to see... nobody looks here anyway.



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Sun city CA

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stich weld the chassis?


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Boondocks AL

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Stitch Weld, Cage, fender can be made stiff. My car is stitch welded with a hatch bar and full suspension with a mostly stock motor and I was out lapping formula miatas my first time on a track.

1985 GTS Widebody Track Car

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