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 SSR Reverse Mesh wheel hardware
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Richmond BC

 SSR Reverse Mesh wheel hardware Reply  Edit

I'm in the process of rebuilding my SSR reverse mesh wheels. The centers are now at the shop being powder coated!

I'd like to replace the fasteners that hold the rim to the center. I've measured them up to be M8 socket cap screws with a length of 30mm.

Is it safe enough to use A4-80 stainless fasteners or would it be better to use a class 10.9 zinc plated fastener? The A4-80 stainless fasteners have the strength rating just below an 8.8 steel fastener. Do you guys think that is enough?

If I choose to go zinc plated, how long would the zinc plating last on wheels before it starts to rust?



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Chattanooga TN

 Re: SSR Reverse Mesh wheel hardware (lowg) » Reply  Edit

Obviously stronger is better. It's my understanding the zinc.coating means they won't rust, none of the zinc coated hardware I've ever used has. Back when I worked at the parts counter for a trucking company, I kept chains and a couple sets of big zinc coated bolts/nuts/washers on the back of my fork truck to pin the chains to whatever crap I had to pick up. (mostly transmissions, rear ends, a couple engines and even whole trucks) I never had any rust on them, and they saw hella abuse. I don't remember the size or grade though. So really, I can't answer as far as what grade you need, just that the zinc coating will hold up fine on your wheels.

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