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 ***A Message Please, to the Legend of Toyota Racing...TTE WRC, F1, and LeMans
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 Another Toyota legend passes on.............. Reply  Edit

I'm sure everyone here passes on their condolences...........

OPINION.... it seems that many of the real Toyota enthusiest are passing..... its as if Toyota's heart is being slowly ripped out of the company.... end of MY opinion......

Information is POWER... learn the facts!! USE it!

I've been wrong before... and at somepoint in time, I'll be wrong again

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 ***Ove Andersson Passed Away (June11, 2008) Head of TTE WRC, F1, and LeMans Reply  Edit

Many Toyota motorsport enthusiasts are saddened by the passing of Ove Andersson.

For more than three decades, Ove pioneered the use of Toyotas in world-wide motorsports. His achievements are unsurpassed by any Toyota team.
He led Toyota: in competition from the deserts of Africa, the hillsides of Monte-Carlo, the straights in Le Mans- and it all started from a small garage. Passion, dedication, and ability.
Leadership in all facets of motorsports with flags and machines of Toyota in recent decades.

His persistence, determination, and success will always be legendary, iconic, and epic. More than a Team Manager, he was a wonderful man, admired by many fans and followers.
We all share in his triumphs, his disappointments, and more important continue his dreams.

Thank you and Godspeed, Ove.

From all your friends and fans,


and thanks, oldeskewltoy, for quick note on this news.

For more information on Ove Andersson
and Google Search as well...


Please reply to this topic if you would like to include a message to his memorial service on July 1st, 2008.

All replies made to this topic before June 25th will be copied and printed to responsible parties for delivery to his Memorial Service...
Toyota Motorsport GMBH in Cologne

Thank you so much!

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 Re: Another Toyota legend passes on.............. (oldeskewltoy) » Reply  Edit

condolences to his family.

my opinion is that the people that have help/made the toyota name "big" in life have been in the game for so long that it is time for them to pass on. i think its up to the younger generation to keep the toyota name alive. i know there are some out there somewhere...

email grnrolla86 at yahoo dot com

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 Re: Another Toyota legend passes on.............. (oldeskewltoy) » Reply  Edit

The following letter posted at request of a fellow friend of mine...

For many of us getting to know a person well means spending a lot of time with him/her, constant communication, or knowing friends and the company he/she keeps. There are some people you wished you knew better, spent more time with, or just kept closer contact with. Usually when the person is famous, or usually very busy, or far away- it just becomes impossible. The brief encounters become so more important and memorable.

I first met Ove briefly in a visit at TRD in Japan in the mid 70’s. Since he was there briefly to discuss development of the 152E engines- there was no time to talk: just a quick introduction. Next time I met him was a decade later in 1987 at the WRC-sanctioned Olympus Rally in Washington. I had entered a Toysport Corolla GTS and TTE brought the Supras. (This was after Group B was cancelled, and the Supra was the Celica interim successor.) The last time I met him was August (2007)- at the Toyota sponsored Race of Legends.

I have been in sporadic contact with him through the years- specially when the Group B Celicas were being campaigned; thru the years of the Celica 4WD Turbos; and finally when the WRC Corolla campaign was disbanded. (Through Toyota Tsusho- we tried to purchase the whole program.) He had extended several invitations to come visit.

When TTE became Toyota Motorsport GMBH- I had sent Ove an e-mail “Thanks for bringing Toyota to F1- this is a great gift to all Toyota enthusiasts!” He never responded- but I received a big package from the Team. In 2005- I managed to get myself inside the Toyota F1 factory. After a private tour- I asked how to get in-touch with Ove, but no one could give me any contact info.

At Monterey, the drivers participating in the Toyota Race of Legends had an autograph session. From a distance I was watching Ove. After all the fans had paraded by- Ove stood up and walked straight towards me. “Joel?” I was surprised he remembered me. “Just wait here, we need to talk’- he had to do a “pit stop”. I was floored he remembered me. I was so anxious and nervous waiting for him.

To break the ice I said- “You did not do too good out there in the race….” And his reply- “yes, I miss the clouds of dust….” (During the race he went off-course several times.) “You never visited Cologne.” “Yes I did,, but no one would give me your contact information”. “I will fix that” and he wiped out a calling card and wrote all his personal contact info. There no more excuses”. We were able to talk for a few minute- until all the drivers were herded back into a shuttle bus by some Toyota PR for another engagement.

It was all to brief, and we promised to keep closer contact. “I am retiring to South Africa- we will catch up when I am settled there!”

The conversation was so brief. Why did he remember me? “You sent the whole team Pizza, a lot of Pizzza- in the middle of the night, when we were all so hungry!!!” What did I ask from him? “I need any literature, notes, whatever of the whole WRC program.” “When I move- I will box a lot of stuff for you” “And for sure I will come visit you.”
I will visit Ove someday- in the land he loved.

Joel Luz

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  » Reply  Edit

condolences to his family. He will always be in Toyota history.

I'm not really old enough to really remember the people who made Toyota on the Map on many forms of racings such as WRC, F1, Grand Touring, Circuit, Etc.

But I know that he really help bring the image for Toyota to challenge different types of environments. It help gave image of many of past Toyota cars that really had a backbone.

His Memories will be reminded in Toyota Future production.
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