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 RX-7 Rear End
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Greenville NC

 RX-7 Rear End Reply  Edit

I have read on this forum about different rear end options. KILLERGTZ ford rear- end and also the celica/supra rear end. FORD 8.8 Celica/Supra

My question is about the 1st gen RX-7 rear-ends, has anyone had any expreince with these rear-ends in an AE86 or any advice before I tackle this project. I found one for sale and thought that I could swap it just the same as the other rear-ends. 1984 RX7 rear-end. 4.07 gears, lsd complete with vented disk brakes. I have a 85 AE86 SR-5, this would solve both my problem with my rear-end (disk brakes and LSD).



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San Jose CA

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you would need to get diffrent rims since the bolt hole pattern is difffrent than any toyota


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Reno NV

 Re: RX-7 Rear End (MarkD1037) » Reply  Edit

make sure if you go with a Rx-7 rear end, all things aside, that you get the 84-85 GSL-SE rear end, thats the one with the LSD, disc brakes, a 4x114.3 bolt pattern, and are made to work with the more powerful 13B that was in that model.

Other wise don't settle for anything less than a GSL, thats also a LSD, disc brake, but it has a 4x110 bolt pattern that is a huge hassle to find wheels in, trust me I used to own one, there isn't nearly the wheel choice as in 4x114. That axle is also meant for the weaker 12A carbed motor. Every thing else is drum with no LSD.

The other think to look out for is that the Rx-7 rear end is a four link with a Watt's link, different than our panhard bar in that it mounts on top of the axle and goes front to rear instead side to side like our panhard. How hard it would be to switch the two I don't know, its a matter of your fab skills I guess.

The 1st gen Rx-7 had about the same power rating as out Corollas, so if you plan on making large power or if you want something much more solid its probably a good idea to go with the 8.8, lots of 1st gen Rx-7 guys do.

converted Rotary guy.


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Greenville NC

 Re: RX-7 Rear End (Reno86) » Reply  Edit

It is a gsle lsd. I was planning on little over 200 Hp for my car so now knowing that the RX-7 rear-end is rated for about the same power as the AE86 it might not be enough. I'll just look into getting the Ford 8.8 then.

Thanks for the advice



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Oceanside CA

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The celica/supra rear end is probably a lot cheaper and easier to fit than the ford 8.8.


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San Antonio TX

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That weighs heavily on local availability. I purchased my 8.8 from the junkyard for 70 bucks.


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 Re: (GTSRolla34) » Reply  Edit

I also used to own a 1st gen, and guys were running turbo set ups with the stock rear end with no issues. I've read that you're safe running up to 300 Hp on the GSL/GSL-SE rear ends.

The 84-85 have beefier axles. Weather its a GSL or the SE, they are the same size, only diff is the bolt pattern, and the SE has vented disk brakes.

I've also read that you can do simple modifications and add a after market Miata diff in the old RX-7 housing.

Panhard and tri link set ups are a common mod for RX-7's.

It would be cool to see one in an AE, just for something new, and Im sure it would hold up, unless you're talking big numbers.



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San Jose/San Diego CA

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something like this?

edit: dang, doesn't allow hotlinking of images...has to go through site

Came from a Japanese ae86er's blog:

read towards the newer pages for more info and pics (in japanese of course)

My receipt said: "Your order # is: 100001986". The AE86 gods really are looking out for me.


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Dickinson nd

 Re: (VitriumGTS) » Reply  Edit

holy shite I need to hang out with the guy that made this set up that is sxe!


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 Re: (VitriumGTS) » Reply  Edit

Wow, thats a trick set up, kept the watts linkage and all.

The stock watts set up was in front of the axle though.



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Philly PA

  » Reply  Edit

IIRC Alex Phifer used to run a GSL-SE diff for a little while. It's probably a good setup.

We are doing three 8.8's for diferent customers at my shop at the moment.
all the core parts usually run about $150.

The 8.8, modded so that it simply bolts into all existing AE86 chassis points is a bit less than 1k. You need to have a shop mod the driveshaft a bit (about $100) and choose what kind of internals you want (spool, LSD, Locker, ect- 200-500), and the axles. (varies)

It's not cheap but it works, the corolla market is into doing things on a budget or this would be a lot more popular. It's for those that want the strength if they need it. These customers right now are all drifting, road racing, and drag racing to win.

this setup is good for about 400ftlbs of Tq


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