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 AE101 GZE Piston rings
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 AE101 GZE Piston rings Reply  Edit

I recently purchased an AE101 bottom end for my 4AGTE project and I'm wanting to replace the bearing and re-ring the block just for the sake of starting fresh (the block and cylinder walls are in very good condition so I have no desire to overbore the block). I haven't started to look into replacement bearings yet as they should be pretty easy to come by, but I'm having quite a bit of trouble sourcing new rings for an AE92 or AE101 GZE motor. Basically I'm just trying to figure out my options; does anyone know of anyone who imports OEM GZE piston rings from Japan? Do USDM GZE rings work? Am I going to have to send specs out to a US company in order to have some custom made? Any relevant input would be much appreciated (please don't tell me that I don't need to rebuild it - I know I don't NEED to but I'm going to regardless)



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the USDM GZE rings DO NOT WORK. the top ring is too thick.

i think the 20v rings will work as the top ring on both are 1.2mm vs the USDM GZE's 1.5mm



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That's promising to hear, as rings for a 20v shouldn't be too hard to find. Can anyone confirm that 20v and AE101 GZE rings are the same part number?


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The high compression (smallport) piston rings are a direct fit. You can get those right here in the US from numerous sources.

All 84-89 4AG(Z) piston rings are the same size, as well as all 90+ 4AG(Z) piston rings are the same size, including silvertop 20v's (though I'm not 100% sure about blacktops).

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