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 4ac ignition timing
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gagg maggot


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Tucson AZ

 4ac ignition timing Reply  Edit

my timing is WAYY advanced, so far that i cannot retard it enough to even register on the crank pully, id guess 20-25* advance.

The cars O2 sensor is not hooked up... don't ask me why, I just bought the car

Is this a slipped timing mechanism... or is it the fact that the O2 isn't hooked up? (wires are missing)




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  » Reply  Edit

Sounds like you have the distributor gear inserted at an angle.

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gagg maggot


11 posts [99%]
Tucson AZ

 Re: (F0Bman) » Reply  Edit

I checked the timing belt, its fine.
Replaced the O2, runs better but timing is still like 20-25 advance.

I did try moving the distributor gear a tooth, and it made no difference. Should it? Should I try more than one tooth? At TDC where should the rotor tip be?

Will it do this if a water temp. sensor is bad? Is the car stuck in cold start mode or something?




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Kelowna BC

 Re: (gagg maggot) » Reply  Edit

You might have moved the tooth in the wrong direction. I think stock timing should be 5btdc. I had mine at 10btdc and it ran good.

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