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sandpoint id

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The blacktop has lots of changes from the ST. Higher compression, slight changes to the head design, VVT-i vs just VVT, MAP sensor vs AFM, different fuel map, hydraulic tensioner instead of spring tensioner (on the timing belt), different airbox setup, slightly different exhaust header IIRC, different timing belt, etc.

It all adds up to 5HP difference. You cant tell any difference between the two engines by the seat of your paints. My friends BT MR2 feels exactly the same as my ST does.

Black '86 MR2 20v

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solvay newyork

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it seems 2 b a better deal 2 go with a silver top for 800 $ then a blacktop for 1400$ either way i suppose i should still drop the pan an inspect the inside of the engine b4 i make the swap


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Fredericksburg va.

 damn 16 valve got to go » Reply  Edit

c50 ehaust side starter blues;(


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 Re: aw11 20v swap?? (aw11gt) » Reply  Edit

i'm with aw11 gt on this one. 2500-3500 is a bit much. i have a whopping 350 bucks in getting my engine, harness, ecu, and itbs. and i was able to use some of the new parts/ spare parts from past aw's for a good chunk of the rest. i'm still in the process of routing a couple things (fuel lines, coolant lines, etc) but it was pretty easy to come by.

current cars:
85 aw11
86 aw11
88 aw11(20 valve)
78 280z turbo

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