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85 Corolla


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Quote, originally posted by Billy_Andrea »
Thanks for the comments guys...
Having thought long & hard about it I have decided to keep the car & proceed with the engine install..
Hope to start it before the month ends.

Being an E30 M3 owner, I saw your post on I'm glad you've decided to keep the ae86 and install the engine. I can't wait to read the results.
Imo, both the ae86 and E30 M3 are fun cars to drive. To me, the ae86 is easier and less expensive to play. I've always thought the E30 M3 was Germany's version of the ae86, hehe.

Knuk knuk!



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San Francisco CA

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I went over there today only to find it strapped to the dyno, ready to run. Should have some numbers & a complete map next week.
I also sent out the chassis harness to be adapted after seeing the back of the Cosworth dash. It's not something I wanted to deal with...



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ba ca

 Re: (Billy_Andrea) » Reply  Edit

Update just in time for Xmas, looking good Billy!!


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in a tree with a knife waiting

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glad to see this build is gonna continue

cotton crown
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