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 engine issues, im in the dark
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 engine issues, im in the dark Reply  Edit

i have just replaced the gearbox for my aw11 mr2, its using wve is not the original motor, as most of the wiring is DIY replacement wire.

what i know: its a bigport (probably a redtop)
what problem i have:
above the gearbox ran 4 wires from the firewall over to the injectors, this wire has been made longer by adding some wire that doesnt colour match the original, and whil replacing the gearbox the wires were pulled apart.

i put them back together in the order i thought they were in, but now the car cranks but the motor wont fire up, and i saw smoke coming from the intake side of the motor, only a lil bit but enough to know that i have the wiring wrong ( most likely)

does anyone know what the wires running over the top of the gearbox are for? it will be same as any front wheel drive carolla from what i hear.

I appreciate any help, ill try to get a picture posted up of the factory side of the wiring, but i doubt it will be much help, colours are:
white, light green, red and blue

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 Re: engine issues, im in the dark (Randomist) » Reply  Edit

well guess no ones gonna help,

it matters not anyhow, as i have since discovered the wiring for both sides is not the correct colour

ill be jumpering the eccu tomorrow to check the fault code, and them im gonna try to figure out how i can tell which wires join

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 Re: engine issues, im in the dark (Randomist) » Reply  Edit

If you check the forums index, you will find a forum specifically for AW11, SW20 etc.
Your chances of getting a reply would be better if you posted your question there

Cheers... jondee86

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  » Reply  Edit

were you able to resolve it?

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