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 looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE102 can anyone help?
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Mount Prospect IL

 looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE102 can anyone help? Reply  Edit

I have a 93' corolla (AE102) that is Turbo charged and been looking for a while to figure out what tyoe of LSD i could use for the front wheel drive monster? i was told that a C52 from an MR2 Would be a direct bolt on since toyota made most of their vehicles compatible? can anyone help?



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 Re: looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE1 ... (dapeople) » Reply  Edit

well for starters,c52 is a 5 speed and has no lsd

secondly lsd go for around 1500

if you want a 6 speed get a c160 gearbox, but im doubtful whether they will survive big power
actually the mr2 geaarbox is identical to the fwd rolla box, and its easier to get one out of a corolla so i would look for a levin or trueno one from japanland that had a factory toyota lsd

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Oxnard ca

 Re: looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE1 ... (dapeople) » Reply  Edit

the Mr2 tranny wont work on a fwd application they are diffrent

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Victoria BC

 Re: looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE1 ... (dapeople) » Reply  Edit

You obviously never read my reply regarding the differences between the FWD and MR transmissions did you? Here it is again to show that they are identical internally but the linkages need modifying for either FWD/MR orientation. Also, IM XSVWGN because he has a turbo AE102 wagon (previous SC14 16v GZE) now 20v GTE.

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Fort Lauderdale Fl

  » Reply  Edit

iirc the MR2 S/C trans had lsd but was only 5 spd.


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cbe tamilnadu

 Re: looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE1 ... (dapeople) » Reply  Edit

Not neccesarily...My '92 Corolla Hatchback with 4A-FE engine had a C52 aswell. As do most Corolla's down here for that matter.

Don't know if there is a difference between US en Europe in that, but here, the C52 manual 5-speed had two variants: The ones fitted to the 4A-F(E) engines and the ones fitted to the 4A-GE's. Only difference was that the 4A-GE C52 had a different final gear (I believe it was 4,058 for the 'normal' C52 and 4.312 for the 4A-GE C52)
From the outside, you can't see which is which. Only way to indentify them is by the engine it was mated to.

Difference between C50 en C52 that can indentify them is that the C50 has only 1 'hump' for the starter on the bell-housing
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Madera California

 Re: looking to swapt a C52 LSD 6-speed trans on my AE1 ... (mtptl) » Reply  Edit

That's great!

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