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 86 Mr2 turbo project
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 86 Mr2 turbo project Reply  Edit

I have a 1986 Mr2 w/ the 4a-gelc bluetop i am about install a 8psi turbo kit. I am using the stock 213cc injectors with a 6psi over stock FPR and a 12:1 FMU, want it to stay a daily driver and i dont want to hurt the driveability, and tvis w/ the turbo I've heard ups and downs???????????



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 Re: 86 Mr2 turbo project (Mr2SLPR-86) » Reply  Edit

you will blow that motor in a few months i can garantee that the blue top engine is not made for turbo charging and it has a weak bottom end so you either will spin a bearing or you will create a huge hole in your block unless you build that engine up with better or new connection rods its just a matter of TIMe TIC TOC TIC TOC if your wanting more power get the 4agze engine its was built to hold boost not like the blue top engine the 4agze has oil squirt pistons stronger rods more fuel just over all a better engine for force induction ive fixed many turbo aw11 mr2 and they all ended the same with me having to switch out the motor because the owner wanted to put a turbo on it and booooom there goes the hole

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Birmingham AL

 Re: 86 Mr2 turbo project (Toyboy805) » Reply  Edit

(Hey REDPANDA. Who ever told you a stock bluetop can only handle 200hp? It's not entirely true. There was a guy in NZ that had a turboed bluetop (stock engine) and boosted to 18psi with a T3 turbo to make 178kw at the wheels. That's 237 HP at the wheels, On a stock motor!!! Madness. I think he was using a mega squirt or a Link ECU to tune it. So, it really comes down to how well you tune the engine and how well you look after it as well, eg oil cooler, regular oil and filter change etc...
I'm going to do the same as you in regards to the timing, I'll drop it back so many degrees (depends on when detonation will occur)

You should put your car on a dyno or at least get a wideband O2 sensor on it and see what you A/F ratio is. I'd be keen to know the result too. It's an interesting set up.

I really do need to stop procrastinating and get my car going, so I can do a write up about it and let you guys know what works for me and what doesn't.

Until then keep up the good work and keep us posted on any mods or findings about your own setups.

Been running my stock blue top for about 6 months now on 12psi
with a huge holset turbo and no problems at all.
Car made 279hp about 2 months ago.
It's all in the tuning.
Megasquirt & EDIS FTMFW !!!) found on this website

Just courious on how i found post on people turboing stock blue tops no problems? more than a handful of post?????

Modified by Mr2SLPR-86 at 9:07 PM 11/26/2010


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