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 Would i fit in a sw20 mr2 t-top?
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weasel KP61


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 Would i fit in a sw20 mr2 t-top? Reply  Edit

I am 6'4" and am wondering if there is anyone my height that fits in a second gen mr2 t-top. I doubt it but have to check in here.



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Fullerton CA

 Re: Would i fit in a sw20 mr2 t-top? (weasel KP61) » Reply  Edit

if it helps any, i'm about 6'1 and i fit easily into my first gen and that ones wayyy smaller than SW. my friend has one and he's about 6'3 and he easily fits. you should be fine, but if you're worried (obviously) go and test drive it. hope this helps!


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 Re: Would i fit in a sw20 mr2 t-top? (weasel KP61) » Reply  Edit

3 inches is a lot when it comes to japanese cars it might be a bit snug but most of these japanese cars are made for people no taller then 6 ft 1

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 Re: Would i fit in a sw20 mr2 t-top? (Toyboy805) » Reply  Edit

im 6'4'' and i fit in my first gen mr2 with a few inches to spare, and ive driven a sw20 and fit no problem too

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  » Reply  Edit

You'll have ample legroom (I'm 6'2" all in the legs) but headroom is at a premium. You may not realize it at first but you gotta hunch over a little bit while driving IIRC (haven't owned my MK2T in a few years). I was okay with it for a few years but now with a back injury it can get irritating, fast. This can be fixed with lower mounted seats, of course. The MK1 is the same way. The biggest problem comes when racing because the helmet makes it so you have to scrunch down quite a bit. I also keep my seat very close to upright; I don't like doin' the whole gangsta lean thing...

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 Re: (MazterDizazter) » Reply  Edit

yeah thats the good thing about the mr2 was they were made to be roomy and comfortable for the driver so there is a heap of legroom and a fair bit of headroom, im 6'7" and i can fit in fine, but i do knock my head sometimes when i hit large bumps in the road and wearing a helmet sucks XD

but your looking at a t bar roof so headroom wont be any issue just take the glass out and get some wind through your hair

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