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 AW11 fmic?
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 AW11 fmic? Reply  Edit

so thinking of turboing the mk1 mr2 and was wondering, is it posible to install a front mount intercooler behind the front bumper? As the engine is in the back how what route would the pipes take? has any1 done this and have some pics?



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There would be a lot of turbo lag and poor throttle response having so much piping. I've heard of turbos out at the back of the car though, so I guess it could be done.

Rather than do something so strange, why not put a large intercooler on top or next to the engine, and have a powerful electric fan on top.

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 Re: (Grant) » Reply  Edit

yea i suppose ther would, i just wondered because i seen a pic with a fmic behind the front bumper and wondered how and is it commonly done, but as you say the electric fan would be the job, cheers


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 Re: (Carbon) » Reply  Edit

MR2 crowds will tell you to do a TMIC instead. Go over to and check out all the SWs with TMICs. TMIC = Trunk Mount InterCooler.

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 Re: (killer_siller) » Reply  Edit

indeed, a w2a is what i use on my aw11's.

carbon, the i/c's you've seen in pics etc. are in fact heat exchangers for w2a intercoolers. no-one runs front mount a2a i/c's on aw11's, it doesnt make sense.

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 Re: (feral4mr2) » Reply  Edit

HAHAHA i saw a sw20 once with a fmic, but the guy who owned the car was a complete f-wit so it wasnt any surprise, i bet it worked llike crap

w2a or tmic are both very good ways to go because its so easy to just run the pipes into the boot and mount a fan, but another way i have seen is to move the battery if its a aw11 and mount the intercooler over the gearbox on the left side with a fan and put in a snorkel, also another good one i have seen was mounted flat between the gearbox and forward firewall and had a long thin duct under the car directing air up into it, that one worked really well

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 Re: (Carbon) » Reply  Edit

There is a pic of a turbo aw11 that has a front mount in the grill But he's not using it in the convintianl way. If you look closely you can see he welded the inlets shut and is running water through it, so it acts as a heat exchanger in a A2W system


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I think best way to cool your turbo charge engine is to add a fmic, but it really depends on the engine location. In your case a hood scoop would be a lot better.

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