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 Wheel fitment on a AW11?
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 Wheel fitment on a AW11? Reply  Edit

I got a friend putting 15in wheels on his AW11 MR2. Here's the wheels specs:

ASA BBS mesh wheels
-O offset

Tires specs:
195/55/15 (low profile)

He was thinking of swapping out the tires w/ a better amount of thread, right now I have a set of 195/65/15. My question is if he swapped the tires will he have enough clearance? Oh yeah he has stock suspension.

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Well, I had a colleague with an AW11 also, lowered 33mm and the size tires he used was 195/50-15 on whatever brand 29mm offset wheels. Yes, the tire thread stuck out flush to the stock fenders but didn't rub.... unless of course you throw in the frunk your belongings to get to the airport. But then, you didn't mod it to carry around thingies..... right? He didn't.



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 Re: (GinoX) » Reply  Edit

I use 195/50/15's without problems. Not sure about 195/65's but I bet they'd rub in places. Maybe not during normal driving, but for sure in spirited driving.

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 Re: Wheel fitment on a AW11? (ej86) » Reply  Edit

I have 16 on the back and 15 on the front stock suspension No problems.

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