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 steering wheel splines?
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 steering wheel splines? Reply  Edit

i was wanting to get an aftermarket steering wheel and there arent a whole lot of choices for the aw11 so i was wondering if the splines on the aw11 are the same as the ae86 cuz that would make it a lot easier

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 Re: steering wheel splines? (Lildipper) » Reply  Edit

There are actually a lot of choices, depending upon how you look at it. You will need a hub adaptor for virtually any wheel you choose, and then can pick from a lot of wheels that will fit that hub adaptor. Many different manufacturers' wheels will even fit on other manufacturers' adaptors.

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 Re: steering wheel splines? (Lildipper) » Reply  Edit

Looks like it should...

Standard boss kits seem to have two sets of screw holes... one set suits Momo and
the other suits Nardi. And most other wheels seem to match one or the other.

Cheers... jondee86

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