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 AW11 shuts off after 20 minutes of driving.
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Winter Park FL

 AW11 shuts off after 20 minutes of driving. Reply  Edit

Car is shutting off on me not just while stopped but also while running. Tachometer dropped and lost throttle response going 60mph on the highway, engine was still running in fact I down shifted my way to the edge of the highway and the engine responded normally just no response from the throttle. After coming to a stop car would not turn on, it turns over but doesn't turn on. I was told I might have a spark disruption since the car seems to turn off once the car is completely heated and the oil rises. The car turns on maybe 20-30 mins after with no hesitation, idles fine and runs right for about 15-20 more mins and it shuts off again. I was told the problem might be caused by a faulty distributor or coil. I changed the plugs, fuel filter and replaced the valve cover head about a month ago due to oil inside the spark chamber which was causing sputtering, this issue is long gone. Could the problem be caused by remaining oil in one of the ignition components?


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Puget Sound WA

 Re: AW11 shuts off after 20 minutes of driving. (M3nu2mr2) » Reply  Edit

I know it's been almost 3 months but yeah, igniter, coil, or distributor. When they get hot they die, when they go bad.

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