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 wiring diagram for 4age balcktop swap
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 wiring diagram for 4age balcktop swap Reply  Edit

I am looking for the wiring diagram for the blacktop to swap into my 91 celica st, or if any of you know who i could get a plug and play from ( may go that route). And I also need to know can i use the trans off the blacktop w/o changing anything or should I just stay with my stock trans?



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 Re: wiring diagram for 4age balcktop swap (outcast0806) » Reply  Edit

heres a link to a large pic of the silvertop wiring diagram. it helped me tremendoulsy during my swap.

pics of all the pigtails

read up in the thread titled "Useful 20v References" and theres tons of info in the References section too. heres a link to the BT manual.

theres no BT wiring diagram that im aware of, but the ST should get you thru it, just the AFM/MAP difference needs to be noted. also, search here and read thru the stickied threads in this section. theres tons of info to be had here, just need to search for it.

as for the trans...thats not my area, i have an ae86. the BT wiring harness might actually just fit right in your car with minimal work(extending/shortening stuff) but not sure. try posting in the FWD section, they are probably better suited to answer that.

haha cali...i got one of you 86's, and your not getting it back.
my 20v in an 86 swap guide
my mess of an 86...
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Good info

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