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 POSTING GUIDELINES for Tech Forums... ***Read this***
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 POSTING GUIDELINES for Tech Forums... ***Read this*** Reply  Edit

Since I haven't been able to find any posting guidelines on this site, I think it is
appropriate to at look setting out a few simple posting rules. The idea is to help
people make clear and sensible posts, which in turn will allow others to make helpful
and useful replies.

Feel free to contribute your own ideas on how to improve the forums

Here are a couple of suggestions for starters...

1. POST SUBJECT/TITLE The SEARCH function primarily looks at the post
subject. Therefore, make sure your post has a descriptive subject... for example,
HOW TO CHANGE GTS GEARBOX OIL. Posting "Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!" does not cut it.

is entitled to his/her opinion, if you post in a tech forum, you really need to have
something positive to add.

3. BE NICE TO EACH OTHER There is a tremendous range of skill levels and
knowledge available from members on these forums. These members contribute
their time and expertise for the benefit of all, and in doing so, allow everyone from
newbie to old-timer to find solutions to their problems. So no destructive criticism
please. If you see errors of fact in a post, either PM the poster, or make a positive
suggestion on how to improve the thread.

4. DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE POSTING A high percentage of all posts in
the tech section are repeats of questions that have been asked many times before.
The answers to almost everything that you need to know is already available in the
forums or in the REFERENCE section. Please take the time to research before
making another... "Relay clicks but starter not working..." post.
HINT: Download and read the FSM before posting - there is a link in the FAQ.

5. READ WHAT YOU WROTE BEFORE POSTING Yes... take a look at what you
just wrote, and ask yourself... If I was reading this post and didn't know the poster,
car or history, is there enough information for someone to help me ?? Do this before
you hit the POST button. Asking... "My car is not starting, what should I do ??"
without saying what engine, what car, what modifications, is the starter turning etc.,
is not going to get you a good response.

6. DON'T ASK MULTIPLE QUESTIONS IN ONE POST Trouble shooting is best
done by methodically working thru all the possibilities, and eliminating them one at
a time. Changing things at random, or making multiple changes between tests, is
not the best way. So better to narrow things down, and ask one specific question at
a time. Include as much relevant information as possible (ref #5 above).

7. NO CROSS POSTING (DUPLICATE POSTS) There is no need to post the
same thing in multiple sections of the forum. Offending posts will be removed.

8. IF YOU SOLVED YOUR PROBLEM... be generous, and take a few minutes to
post up HOW you solved the problem. Then others can benefit from your knowledge.

9. MODERATING POSTS If you find that your post has be edited/deleted or
moved by a mod, it is most likely you ignored the basic rules. In the interests of
keeping the forums compact and relevant to the original post, non-contributing and
off-topic posts (spam) will be deleted after an appropriate time. Don't take it
personally; you had your say while the topic was hot. But unless you contributed
something to the thread, don't expect your post to be there taking up space in two
months time, when the thread has run its course.

Despite what you might think, the mods do not hate you They are here to help
you, and make the forums more useful for those seeking help with problems. Feel
free to contact a mod is you have any questions re posting.

Club4AG in not Yo Mama. Don't expect to be hand fed the answer if you are too
lazy to do some basic research and reading in the forums.

Hopefully, if people are able to respect these few simple guidelines, we can improve
the quality and usefulness of the Tech Forums.

Cheers... jondee86

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Give a person a fish, they eat for a day. Suggest they search before posting, and they learn a skill for a lifetime.



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 Re: POSTING GUIDELINES for Tech Forums... ***Read this*** (jondee86) » Reply  Edit

well put!

haha cali...i got one of you 86's, and your not getting it back.
my 20v in an 86 swap guide
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